Sunday, October 11, 2009

Lonely Weekend. Good Weekend.

This has been great. The roommate is out of town. Katie is with her family. And I am here in the apartment alone. I think I might have possibly said 17 words out loud all day yesterday (mostly during the LSU game). Seriously, it's been great. Especially after the last few weeks...

I was lead teacher for one of the best group of 4th graders. Willis Lane Elementary came by our neck of the woods Wednesday for three days of Outdoor Education fun! Those kids were seriously awesome! I told them that at least three times over the course of their stay. Seldom have I seen a group of kids that big (139ish) and that young be so attentive and cooperative.

Campfires this week were epic. I had both of them (Monday and Thursday) with the one and only, David Huss. While we had the classic pair of Banana Bandana and Hidey Ho!, we also had two great Boom-chicka-boom contests, both of which I won! Harry Potter style - for the win!

I turn a quarter century old tomorrow. 25. It's pretty crazy. My birthday present from me to me is a brand new 32 gig iPod Touch! That also is pretty crazy. My old iPod kicked the bucket on Wednesday so I figured why not?

It's raining right now. And it's cold. I love it!

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