Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Toby, Trip, and a New One

TobyMac's new CD came out tonight, and I've spent the last few minutes listening to it. The little that I've heard is very good, and I would highly recommend it. Especially this song called "Hold On". It's really good. Oh and this one too!

I've also been listening to Lecrae's prodigy, Trip Lee, the last couple of days. In his song, "Who He Is," Trip Lee sings:

If I'm worth dying for, yes this God is worth living for.

I've never thought of it quite like that. Never really put it together that I'm worth it.


Here's a new one for everyone. I recently found this again, and after a few minor touches, here it is for your enjoyment:

Tell Of His Power
Oh praise the One who hung the stars
Stringing up Orion's belt
Who sees the heavens darkest part
And strokes Ursa's starry pelt

Sing power to the Name who flings
Bright comets across the way
Who listens as the sunrise sings
And smears clouds across the day

Tremble before He who holds the Moon
On high with silvery dignified grace
Who shakes the mountains into dunes

And breathes the breeze across your face

Sing, my soul, with awestruck wonder
To Him who pours out time
He knows each storm; each peal of thunder
And every tear you cry

How high, how wide is His tender love
Deeper than the ocean floor
More gentle than the purest dove

More terrible than the storm

Cry mercy, oh my withered soul
Though you are worthy of none
And He will speak and make you whole
Proudly proclaiming you His son

The angels stand and cower before Him
Adoring but terrified
Draw near, my spirit, to His loving power
Come closer and be purified.

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