Saturday, January 6, 2007

Quiet Rest

I came here to the place I died before now
Driven by some nameless urge; not knowing why or how
The rock still stands where the casket lies
Surrounded by the broken shards of that past life
I stood and listened and waited for something unknown
Something or someone to show me a path all my own
But no one came; all stayed silent
And I stood alone in the midst of the quiet
No smiles or handshakes or laughter to face
Just myself, a tree, and a rock in this place
And that when the wind came; a soft, subtle breeze
Flowing in through the trees and dancing with the leaves
And in the dull winter air all that's left is to breathe
Because the person I was searching for was here before me
His voice on the wind whispered so soft, so sweet
The winds caresses were His thoughts concerning me
And there I sat swept away, uncaring about what's next
Finding what my spirit had longed for; quiet rest

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