Tuesday, March 6, 2007

The Fight

We started the fight and circled around

Each hoping the other would end up on the ground

The yells and the screams from inside and out

Drove us on to the fight; into the bout

We swung with the left; swung with the right

Bound and determined to win this fight

But the harder we fought; the longer we stood

The more we fought to keep our cool

The punches kept coming but we never quit

We fought on through the blood to finish it

So we swung with the right; swung with the left

And as each blow landed; we hated ourselves

We felt the impact; felt the blood flow

Felt the bones break and the joints implode

And in the back of our heads; in that quiet voice

We knew that the fight was our own choice

You could have gone your way; and I mine

But we both knew that just would not slide

So we met in the dark and let the punches fly

Both of us knowing that it was do or die

The voices droned on and colors blurred

And we kept on fighting, bloody and hurt

We never took a rest; never talked it out

We just beat at each other, as blood flowed about

The punches kept flying and we both went down

Lying in puddles of tears and blood on the ground

Time has gone on but wounds aren't healed

And the secrets down deep in our souls were revealed

And as the rain pours down, washing away the stains

The truth is revealed in the clearest way

All my spilled blood, shed tears, and broken bones

Came from a fight between myself and me alone

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