Saturday, April 28, 2007

Perfect Little Doll

And the rain is falling on her again in this place
The water splashes softly on her delicate crying face
As the tears slide slowly past her cheeks and quivering lips
She sighs dejectedly to herself, wondering where she slipped
She's just a perfect little doll; all plastic and pretty
With all the clothes, the shoes, the hair, the toys, and the money
A perfect little doll crying alone in the rain
And lets the cold raindrops wash her tears away
Thunder rumbles in the far away distance; drowning out her quiet sobs
And the lightning illuminates her crying solitude to the rest of the plastic mob
There is a profound loneliness in this dressed up girl
Nothing is as she thought it would be outside of Daddy's world
But Daddy's not around to help his crying little child
And she lies alone in her bed wearing a painted on plastic smile
So she goes with the girls to the parties and the games
And she goes through man after man barely remembering their names
Those are the sunny days, full of drunken fun and willing boys
And the rising sun finds her crying in shame next to her sleeping toy
Shivering, she cries to herself, for herself, yet she doesn't cry alone
Her parents cry dearly to the One who is leading her through the storm

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