Saturday, July 11, 2009

When Did That Happen?

Time's flying here in Colorado. 20 days left for my stay here at Sky Ranch Ute Trail near Lake City in Colorado. I'm in a coffee shop here called Mean Jeans in Lake City listening to a little "American Girl" by Tom Petty while chuckling at seeing the "No ID; No Alcohol" sign next to the cash register. Outside is one of the semi-frequent 15 minute long rain showers that seem to be all the rage here. Oh and the side of a mountain. That's always cool.

It really has been fun here. Being one of the activities guys can be a little tiring but at least we are free from the obligations of planning and entertaining. Plus we get to do all kinds of manly things like chop wood, hunt bears, and get cool scars. I've already torn chunks of skin out of my right hand twice so far, pulled (or cut) about 16 splinters out of my hands and arms, and have suffered through a bunch of muscle cramps, sprains, and strains. At present, my middle finger on my right hand is missing a bit of skin and the muscle that is over my left shoulder blade is a dull ache at the moment.

At least the temperature is only in the double digits...

I played a lot of basketball this week with a really cool family. They were the Davis family from the DFW area (or thereabouts) and Mr. Brad and his four sons (Joshua, Caleb, Jonathan, and David) played four pretty intense games of full-court 5 on 5 basketball Monday night and last night. Joshua and Caleb are 16 and very good players. I was impressed and happy with myself for being able to keep up with them (ya know since I'm an old 24 year old). They were a very cool family who you could tell enjoyed being around each other and loved each other. I'm going to miss them.

My cousin Anna recently gave birth to her first child, Daniel. He's premature and very, very tiny.

I'm going to try to stop by on my way back from Ute Trail to see him. It's pretty awesome that Anna and Jason have a kid now. It's weird too though. It's always been The Parents and the Grandkids whenever we have family get-togethers. Recently, the Grandkids have added two spouses to the ranks. Now we have a first cousin once removed or something like that. Seems like we're growing up or something like that. Getting older. I mean, I'm getting excited about turning 25 this year so that my insurance payments will go down. When did that happen?

It seems like the theme of this year so far has been The Acknowledgement and Acceptance of Getting Older, Part 1. Family is getting bigger. Parents are getting doctor bills. Having to worry about payments and insurance. Moving. Moving again. Savings account. Life insurance. Being in the position of having been out of college for two years. Making cross country trips solo and booking a hotel solo. Weird and different. But good. Real good.

Ah well at least I still like stupid pictures....

Quite hilarious...

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