Monday, September 7, 2009

Where Stately Oaks...

I've been meaning to write something for quite some time now. Funny, that I've purposely been hiding in my room all night and am just now trying to blog something. Sigh. Ah well.

These last few days have sometimes seemed to be a roller coaster ride for me. I've been stressed out from creating a new Outdoor Education class from the ground up; from dealing with argumentative (and sometimes abrasive) people; and from not getting the quiet, solitary time that I've desperately been needing. So stress, stress, and more stress. Fortunately, the new class is almost finished, and tonight was a giant step in the right direction back to my mental sanity. As for the argumentatively abrasive people....well, here's hopin...


This past Saturday was the first weekend of LSU football for the 2009 season. Before you can groan and think, "Oh, here he goes again," just hear me out. Recently, my mom and I were talking about how much I changed when I went off to college. Thinking more about it, I know that she's right (she always is). I definitely learned a lot about myself and figured out what kind of person I wanted to be. So, I guess that this time of year allows me to reminisce on those times and recall the good, the bad, and the what ifs. For instance...

The Bad - Cramming for tests. Homework. Boring job. Other stuff.

What If - I had never gone to South Africa? I had never gone to Mexico? I had gone to Louisiana College instead? I had never gone to Sky Ranch? I had gotten any of the girls that I pathetically pined after? I had never set foot in the BCM?

The Good - Becoming the person that I am today (or at least starting on that road). South Africa. South Africa again. Mexico. Sky Ranch. Incredible friends that stuck with me all throughout my time at LSU (and still do). Getting on the front cover of USA Today (if you don't believe me then look in the Painted Posse album on my Facebook page). Learning what life is. Road trips to LSU away games with friends (Arizona State, Ole Miss, Florida, Auburn, and SEC Championship). Touch football games on the Parade Grounds. Late night poker games. Being involved in 3 good friends' weddings (at least). Rooming with one of my best friends. Late night Walmart runs with Kade (the best friend). Ski trips. Helping to found the Painted Posse and getting multiple newspaper and TV appearances with them. Learning about football and then arguing with my dad about whether football or drag racing was the better sport. Leaving high school behind. Leading a Freshman Family group that included my cousin, Michele. Saturday night in Death Valley with 92,000+ people. Cross campus games of Capture the Flag. Helping one of my good friends setup his proposal site with candles at the fountain in the quad. Going to Tiger Stadium hours and hours before the game to get front row seats. Hearing Mike the Tiger's roar. Getting a text from my mom anytime she's in Baton Rouge saying that she's in the Promised Land or bowing to Death Valley (which always brings a smile to my face)....

The list goes on and on...

I know this might be a little cheesy and cliche', but my time at LSU was one of the greatest times of my life.

So here's to another great season of Tiger football, full of ups and downs and fond memories. I love it.

Where stately oaks and broad magnolias shade inspiring halls
There stands our dear Old Alma Mater who to us recalls
Fond memories that waken in our hearts a tender glo
And make us happy for the love that we have come to know

All hail to thee our Alma Mater; molder of mankind
May greater glory, love unending be forever thine
Our worth in life will be thy worth; we pray to keep it true
And may thy spirit live in us; forever L-S-U!

- LSU Alma Mater

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